Elena Pezzetta

Elena Pezetta

Elena Pezzetta, elenapezzetta.blogspot.de

Elena Pezzetta

„I’m 20 years old; mostly a strange, solitary and unrestful person. The reasons why I photograph now are severe ones: I photograph to create some perfect, ideal world; a shelter for myself and for other people. Sometimes, I photograph by instinct, to release anguish, pain and obsession. Sometimes, I photograph for not being, for escaping from the worries of existence. Other times, I photograph to be present to myself.
I guess I need to show the beauty of things. That doesn’t mean I “add” beauty by any means or I transform reality. I just take things and people as they are, caught in a particular moment, with a particular expression or invested by a particular light, just to show to other people there’s still some kind of magic in the world, something to believe in; that beauty is everywhere and it can cut you into two.

Photography is also (and almost) an interior travel. So many times, only after taking some shoots, I realize that the things I put outside, are first of all inside of me. Feeling, places, stories.“


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