Der Mond im Mann

Der Mond im Mann, Kevin Lüdicke, 2013,

Der Mond im Mann
von Kevin Lüdicke, 2013

Mixed Media

Kevin Lüdicke
Kevin Lüdicke, born 1991, is a Berlin based artist. The characteristic of his work is the combination of contemporary urban Art and graphic design in a very dreamlike, surrealistic and mystic way. He founded “Stand der Dinge” in 2012 and since then you can find his murals and artworks at festivals, bars and galleries.

Livepainting and installation at “Immergut Festival”
Livepainting at “Graphic Days” in Berlin
Livepainting “Fuchsbau Festival” in Hannover
Livepainting at “Cons Space” (Convers Art Fair) in Berlin
Exhibition at Stroke Art Fair in Berlin

Livepainting at the opening of “Sichtbar” in Hamburg
Livepainting at “Stroke Art Fair” in Munich
Exhibition at “ArtMuc” in Munich
Part of “Intoxicated Demons Gallery”

Kevin Lüdicke Livepainting

Kevin Lüdicke beim Livepainting, Stroke Artfair 2014

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